Groups: Remove User Automatically From Registered Group

The Groups plugin for WordPress automatically puts all users into a "Registered" group. This code snippet automatically removes that group.

WooCommerce + Groups: Remove Specific Disallowed Items From Cart

If you don't want users within a specific group to be able to purchase products. Plugins: WooCommerce, Groups

WooCommerce: Only Allow A Single Top-Level Category of Items in the Cart

Some business requirements only allow for the purchase of a single category of products at a time. Here's how.

WooCommerce: Get Top Level Category

What if you need to get the top most parent category of a product?

WooCommerce: Only Display Products On Certain Days

How would a restaurant setup a menu on WooCommerce that had products that were only available on a specific day?

WooCommerce: Save Item SKU to Order Item Meta for Historical Reference

WooCommerce doesn't save your order's individual SKUs to the order_itemmeta table by default. This is how to accomplish that. Includes support for variations.

WooCommerce: How to show empty categories

This guide will show you how to setup WooCommerce to display categories that have no products in them.

WordPress + Memcached: How to set it up properly

Using Memcached Redux plugin for WordPress allows you to utilize the memcached caching system with your WordPress installation to make the display of your site to your visitors faster. This guide will show you the proper way to setup your system and WordPress installation.

WooCommerce: Allow Editing Of Order Regardless of Status

WooCommerce now restricts the editing of orders once they are in processing or completed status. If your business rules allow you to edit orders after they've hit these statuses this guide will show you how to make that possible again.